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Our products are standardized lenses and customized lenses according to refractive index.
MyoE Smart Myopia Management LensSeries
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Advanced Myopia Management Concept
Dr. Earl L. Smith, from University of Houston, has done a series of research about myopia vision and peripheral retinal input; Brien Holden Vision Institute has done the research too about Myopia Prevention and Control. 
The research show, a defocused retinal image can lead to axial elongation of the eye, and hence myopia. Providing a focused image at all retinal locations to remove the stimulus 
to axial eye elongation, may help with myopia development and progression.
Hev Blue cut
Based on the principle of bionic absorption technology, blue light can absorb high-energy blue light which is harmful to human body by reflecting part of the absorption through the lens, meanwhile retain beneficial blue light.
UV protection
It can effectively blocks UVA and UVB, protecting your eyes from strong natural and artificial light,especially for those who are sensitive to light. It can give your eyes  all-weather protection and let you enjoy every moment.